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AREA 077: unique Airsoft location and events in Venlo (Noord-Limburg)

For this evening everyone can register individually for € 15 p.p. (rental kits available € 15, - p.p.)


IAPS / Actionshooting is a branch of the airsoft sport where NOT shooting at other persons. For the fanatics, it's all about the fastest time, accuracy and the right choices in a split second.

If you are on edge, take on the challenge with yourself and others. This airsoft vrom has only winners.

Actionshooting certainly contains a competitive element, but is also just a lot of fun to do and therefore ideal as a group activity where it should be fun.

We use an automated and wireless target system with pop-up targets.

The free placement of the targets makes the number of game variants unlimited. Longdistance, Reflex and Parcours, or a combination of different shapes.

Game variants are tailored to the participants, so they are also suitable for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

The evenings are sporty, competitive, but above all fun and friendly.

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