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Participation rules


1.1 Age

The minimum age to be allowed to practice airsoft is set by the legislator at 18 years. Players under 18 play with weapons that have a muzzle energy of up to 0.08 joules. In the sense of the law, these are not airsoft weapons but fall under the Toys Directive and are permitted for players under 18. Players under 18 can only come to us for group parties.

1.2 Airsoft weapons license

According to the WWM, possession of airsoft weapons is prohibited in the Netherlands. An exception is made for members of the NABV. So if you appear with an airsoft weapon at Area 077 without being able to prove that you are a member of the NABV or do not have an introduction or foreign statement from the NABV, you are not allowed to participate in the event with your own weapons.

1.3 Smoking, Drinking and Drugs

Smoking is only permitted on the terrace. Drinks and drugs are not allowed on the entire location. If you arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be admitted to the event.

1.4 Violence

Physical violence is not tolerated at Area 077. Persons who are guilty of this will be removed from the event. In the event of a disagreement, you resolve that together in an adult manner, and you cannot resolve it, then a marshall can mediate.

1.5 Valuables

For storing your valuables, you can use the lockers in the entrance for free. You can keep the key with you during the event. If your valuables are too large for the lockers, then better leave them in the car.

1.6 Arrival / Check-in

Make sure you are on time. The door is already open one hour before the start of open events, and you can enter. You must identify yourself here. If you have an airsoft weapon with you, you will also be asked for your valid NABV pass. You must transport your airsoft weapon in a bag or suitcase from your car to the safe zone. Only here is it allowed to remove your airsoft weapon from the bag or suitcase. The door is locked during the game. If you are late, you can report at the intercom on the wooden gate at the entrance of the parking lot.

2. Regulations for places of stay

Area 077 distinguishes a number of area`s, and not all area`s have the same rules of conduct and rules regarding weapons and clothing.

2.1 Parking area

Area 077 has its own parking place with CCTV, where you can park your car for free during an event. No separate parking bays are indicated, but the urgent request is to park your vehicle as economically as possible so that as many people as possible can use this facility. The car park will be driven at walking pace. Airsoft weapons are not permitted in the parking lot, except for transport in a sealed bag or suitcase to and from the car. It is not allowed to walk around in the parking lot in full camouflage outfit. Camouflage clothing that is also worn in normal life is an exception to this. It is not allowed to park the car along the Baarlosestraat. If the parking space is full, report this to the check-in counter so that the extra parking space behind the location can be accessed.

2.2 Terrace

The terrace is adjacent to the parking lot but is more shielded from the publicly accessible area. It is allowed here to sit in your airsoft outfit. Airsoft weapons are not permitted on the terrace. Smoking on the terrace is allowed but takes non-smokers into account. The terrace can only be used during the break. The door is locked while playing.

2.3 Admission

When entering Area 077, you will enter the entrance. Here is the check-in counter, where you should check-in. You will also receive a wristband here which is your ticket for the event and the safe zone. You must wear this wristband for the entire event and show it at the request of a marshall. There are lockers for your valuables. Airsoft weapons are not allowed here during the event.

2.4 Safe zone

After checking in at the counter, you can enter the safe zone. Free coffee and tea are available here at the start of an open event. In the safe zone you can use the designated tables to prepare yourself and your equipment for the event. Please put your bags under the tables then there is more than enough room for everybody. It is not allowed here to have a magazine and/or BBs in your airsoft weapon, and if your weapon has a safety function, it is on SAFE. It is not allowed to dry-fire your weapon.(without BBs) It is not permitted to aim your weapon at other people. It is not allowed to open the doors to the adjacent playing field.

2.4.1 Bar

There is also a bar in the safe zone where you can purchase snacks, sandwiches and drinks. It is not allowed to grab articles yourself or to get behind the bar. When playing, the bar is usually closed. If you want something and the bar is unmanned, just call in a marshall. No alcohol is served.

2.4.2 Toilet

In the safe zone, there is also the access door to the toilet area. There is also a shower here, but this is only for emergencies with only cold water. It is not allowed to smoke in the toilet room. It is not permitted to open the door here to the first aid / private room.

2.4.3 Shop

In the safe zone, there is also a showcase shop with airsoft replicas, air pressure weapons and other products related to the airsoft sport. BBs, CO2 cartridges and other consumables can be purchased at the bar.

2.5 Playing field (battle zone)

The playing field is adjacent to the safe zone. The windows that give a view of the playing field are made of safety glass and are resistant to BBs.

What is not allowed on the playing field:

  • Remove full face mask / face protection (also not for cleaning)
  • Smoking, drinking and eating (a water bottle with water is an exception to this)
  • Automatic firing (excluding kids guns <0.08 joule)
  • Move objects
  • Climb over walls
  • Climbing on roofs and / or containers
  • Shooting at people who are "hit/dead."
  • Shooting at marshalls
  • Shooting blind (shooting without seeing the target)
  • Shooting over the high partition walls in the CQB room
  • Shoot under the narrow edges of the partitions
  • Run to the respawn when you are "hit/dead."
  • Use the Freewalk (marked path at the front) to go to another section in the playing field
  • Shooting at people walking on the Freewalk
  • Shooting purposefully at cameras, lamps or other vulnerable items
  • Shoot over the outer partitions of the playing field
  • Open or close the large sliding doors at the rear of the indoor.
  • Re-use BBs from the ground (these are usually no longer round and damage the weapon)

What should be on the playing field;

  • Wear full face mask / face protection
  • Follow the directions of the marshalls
  • Play honestly and sportsmanlike
  • Take your HIT if you are hit
  • Report loud and clear to the marshall if you are a witness or involved in an accident with injury. (you call DANGER DANGER DANGER, where the marshall stops the game)
  • Report loud and clear if you or someone else loses their face protection or is damaged. (you call BLIND MAN, after which the marshall stops the game)
  • You stick to your mission or game variant

2.5.1 Entered playing field

The playing field may only be entered with NABV approved face protection, which must be worn for the total time spent on the playing field. When entering the playing field, your weapon is in a safe place, and no magazine is placed. People with their own weapon may only enter the playing field if their weapon has been marked by area 077 due to the successful passing of the Joule test. You stay on the Freewalk until a marshall gives the go-ahead for the game. Prior to the game, it is permitted to place the magazine on the Freewalk. The course of your weapon is always in a safe direction. (where no other persons are present)

2.5.2 Respawn

At the entrance of the playing field, there is a respawn booth for every team. If you get hit in the playing field, HIT raises a hand and walks (not running) with a hand up to the respawn. Here you wait until the marshall present gives you permission to participate in the game again. Players with a rental kit can also fill empty magazines here. The respawn is also the place where participants sit if they got a penalty for misconduct during the game.

2.5.3 Freewalk

A Freewalk has been set up at the front of the indoor playing field. If you are "hit/dead" then you walk the shortest route to this Freewalk, which you can easily walk to the respawn. Shooting at players in the field is not allowed from the Freewalk, you do not participate in the game. If you are hit on the outdoor area, then you will have to walk a little further, but this is not fundamentally different. If you walk on the Freewalk, the barrel of your weapon points to the ground.

2.5.4 leaving the playing field

When leaving the playing field briefly during the game, it is best to leave your weapon (s) under the supervision of the marshall in the respawn. When you leave the playing field at the end of the game, remove the magazine and shoot your weapon in the appointed “unload barrel”. Then you put the weapon on safe, and you can leave the playing field.

3. Organization rules

3.1 Marshalls

Marshalls are the centre points in the organization; they are the point of contact for everything. There are always at least 2 marshalls present. During the game there is always 1 marshall in the respawn this is also the entrance to the playing field. There is always at least 1 marshall in the field.

3.2 Safety briefing

At the start of an event, a safety briefing is given by a marshall. Every participant must be present at this. If you are late and you miss the briefing, you have to wait until the next refill break, and a marshall is free for an extra briefing. You cannot participate in the game without a briefing. Safety is our highest priority.

3.3 Supervision during the game

During the game, there is at least a mobile marshall in the playing field and a stationary marshall in the respawn, which here follows the course of the camera images. The marshalls communicate with each other through a two-way radio, and if disturbances are observed on the camera images, a mobile marshall will intervene. Marshalls are clearly recognisable by the red vests. With larger groups or allegedly unsporting play, it is sometimes decided to designate one or more "in-game" marshalls. These are regular players that are not recognisable. They form extra eyes for the marshalls. So that we can quickly pick out cheaters and take appropriate measures. Shooting at marshalls is not permitted. A lost BB can always be there, but if you deliberately shoot at a marshall, a timeout follows, and with repeated shooting at marshalls this can even mean removal from the event.

3.4 Signals during the game

The game is started by a marshall with a single tone long whistle. The game is ended by a marshall with three long whistle signals. If during the game you are a witness or involved in an accident with injury, you shout loudly DANGER DANGER DANGER, and the marshall will stop the game by means of quick succession of short whistles. All players must stop shooting and set their weapon on safe and stay where they are. It may be that this whistle is repeated several times to ensure that everyone has heard this. If the injury is of such a nature that the victim can leave the playing field on his own, the marshall will resume play with a single long whistle. If the victim cannot leave the playing field on his own, the game is terminated through three long whistle signals, and everyone leaves the playing field in the usual way. If you lose your face protection during the game or you see another person without face protection present on the playing field, you loudly call BLIND MAN, and the marshall will stop the game through quick successive short whistle signals. All players stop shooting and set their weapon on safe and stay where they are. It may be that this whistle is repeated several times to ensure that everyone has heard this. The blind man is guided to the respawn by the marshall or another player, after which the game is resumed with a long whistle.

3.5 Hit

If a BB hits you during the game, this is a hit. It does not matter whether the BB is shot by a friend or foe. If only your weapon is hit, this does not count as a hit. If you are hit, you shout loud and clear HIT, you raise an arm and walk calmly (not running) with the hand raised to the respawn. It is not allowed to shoot at people who correctly indicate that they have been hit and walk to the respawn. If you are caught in this unsporting behaviour a time out follows. Fair play is the foundation of airsoft. That means that you take your hit if you get hit. It provokes irritation in others if you continue to play while you are hit. Of course it can happen that you don't feel a hit in the heat of battle, everyone has that sometimes, but don't be a spoilsport and keep it fair. In some cases a marshall can impose a hit on you, this can be done verbally but also through a marshall shot. The marshall will then, preferably unnoticed, fire a shot at you to test whether you are indeed unsporting. Unsporting behaviour always results in a timeout.

3.6 Tactical information

From the moment you are hit, you are out of the game, and you are no longer allowed to pass on tactical information to your team (dead men don't speak). If marshalls hear you talk when you are “dead man”, a time-out follows.

3.7 Time out

In the event of unsportsmanlike play or minor violations of the rules, the marshall can impose a time out. You will be sent to the respawn to sit out your time. The first time-out is usually 5 minutes but becomes longer the more you are imposed and may eventually result in removal of the event. With a timeout, the marshall puts a mark on your wristband.

3.8 First Aid

Airsoft is an active and intensive sport in which one runs, jumps, crawls, etc. Inevitably also falls, stumbles and gets up again. This does not exclude the possibility of injury. At least 1 marshall owns the first-aid diploma. If you have a condition that we must take into account, we would like to hear this before the game.

4. Arms Regulations

4.1 Rental kit

At area 077 it is possible to play with a rental kit. Part of this rental kit is an airsoft assault weapon and for the extended rental kit also a sidearm.

4.1.1 Issue rental kit

When the group of tenants is complete, they gather at the direction of the marshall in the front of the warehouse opposite the armory. The equipment is provided here. The equipment pieces are supplied with a unique number and are issued on person. During the entire event you treat this equipment with the utmost care. You will have to pay for damage to the material that is due to intent or culpable negligence.

4.1.2 Weapon instruction Rental weapons

After the weapons have been handed out, the Marshall gives instructions on how the weapon works and how to handle it safely. The rental weapons must remain on the playing field during the entire event. When you leave the playing field, place your weapon in the weapon rack at the respawn and rented sidearms in the designated box at the respawn.

4.1.3 Empty magazine

During the game there comes a time when your magazine is empty. Every time you are finished and in the respawn you can refill your empty magazine here.

4.2 Own weapons (NABV members)

As soon as a marshall opens the door of the playing field and supervises it, you can shoot at targets in the garage from the Freewalk to adjust your weapon. You are not allowed to enter the playing field before you have had the mandatory briefing. The mandatory joule measurement is also done here.

4.2.1. Control airsoft weapons

Before the game, your weapon must be checked for the maximum empowered energy set for area 077 at 1.2 Joules for all weapons. BBs for the test are provided by Area 077. Your weapon is approved if a minimum of 3 consecutive shots are fired through the chronometer that remains below the 1.2-joule standard. The marshall then applies an approval mark to your weapon. During the game you may be asked again to test the mouth energy.


If a check in the field shows that the muzzle energy has been increased in any way during the game, then the game is over, and you can leave. This is also reported to the NABV. You are obliged to cooperate with this check.

4.3 HPA (High-Pressure Air)

Weapons for which the FPS can be adjusted must have the option of securing this adjustment option. If this is not possible, the weapon is not allowed.

4.4 Lasers

Only lasers that have been approved by the NABV are permitted as a targeting aid. We reserve the right to refuse lasers if this cannot be sufficiently demonstrated.

4.5 BBs

With Area 077 you can only play with biodegradable BBs with a maximum weight of 0.30 grams. Carrying and/or using steel BBs, glass BBs or BBs made of a material other than biodegradable plastic are not permitted. When using steel or glass BBs, it is game is over and this is reported to the NABV. 

5. Friend's Regulations

5.1 Friends pass

It is possible to become a friend of Area 077 by purchasing a friend pass. This is not a physical pass, but a registration in the booking system, with which you can participate in the friendly fire events for free. The friends pass is exclusively for NABV members with their own gear.

5.2 Friendly Fire Events

Friendly fire events are only intended for Area077 friends. The outdoor area is closed during these events. The approach of these events is to give airsofters the opportunity to practice and train individually or in a team context. There is limited supervision during these events. The bar and shop are open.

5.3 Booking Friendly Fire Events

The number of available places per event is limited and to give everyone the opportunity to visit these evenings, it is only possible to make 1 booking at a time. Only after the friendly fire event that has participated can you make a new booking for the next friendly fire event.

5.4 Friends pass

For us, the Friends Pass is an experiment that will run at least until the end of 2019. If the circle of friends becomes larger, we will schedule extra events so that all friends pass holders can participate at least once every 2 weeks. As a result, the group of friends will also have a maximum and a moment may come when no more new friends' passes are issued.

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