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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Area 077 (01/06/2021)

Article 1. Applicability of these conditions

Article 2. Offers and prices

Article 3. Events

Article 4. Bookings

Article 5. Payment

Article 6. Cancellation

Article 7. Execution of the agreement

Article 8. Force majeure / default Area 077

Article 9. Complaints

Article 10. Login Account and saving discount

Article 11. Friends of Area 077

Article 12. Alcohol and drugs

Article 13. Criminal acts and offenses

Article 14. Participation with own airsoft replicas

Article 15. Joule Measurement

Article 16. Replicas and our location

Article 17. Prohibited Weapons  

Article 18. Destruction, loss, damage matters Area 077

Article 19. Damage to goods and/or injury of the participant

Article 20. Liability of Area 077

Article 21. Game supervision / Marshals

Article 22. Extreme Ideologies/Advocative Clothing

Article 23. Force Majeure

Article 24. Dispute Resolution

Article 25. Applicable law

Article 26. Modification of the conditions Area 077

Article 27. Liability (Participant, accidents)

Article 28. Accident/EHBO

Article 29. Planning and Location

Article 30. Regulations


Article 1. Applicability of these terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements and offers between Area 077 and a client/participant. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only possible if parties involved agree on this in writing.

Article 2. Offers and prices

All prices mentioned are including VAT.

Article 3. Events

Area 077 organizes airsoft events in the broadest sense.

Open events (individual participation possible)

Private events (only group bookings with a minimum of 10 participants)

Friendy Fire (training event for friends of Area 077)

Article 4. Bookings

Bookings for participation in an open event can only be made through the website. Bookings for groups can also be made through the website. A booking is only final after payment or deposit has been made. After a booking is completed, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation.

The moment you make a booking, there is a binding agreement, which can only be dissolved if both parties agree in writing.

Article 5. Payment

Payment of participation in events must be made when booking the event. If the Ideal payment is not successful, the amount due can be transferred to the account number mentioned in the confirmation e-mail in the name of Area 077.

A booking is only final when the payment is made.

Payments for extra services and goods during the event have to be made immediately upon receipt of these goods or services.

Article 6. Cancellation

Cancellation must be made in writing or by E-mail.

Cancellation is possible without giving reasons up to 48 hours before the start of the booked event. In consultation a new date can then be agreed for a replacement or equivalent event.

Cancellation within 48 hours before the start of the booked event does not entitle the participant to participate in a substitute or equivalent event, unless Area 077 judges that there is sufficient reason to deviate from this,

Refund of booking money is only possible if it is impossible for the participant(s) to participate in a substitute or similar event. Area 077 may require proof of this.

If Area 077 decides to refund, the restitution amount will be reduced by € 10, - administration costs.

Article 7. Execution of the agreement

Area 077 undertakes to do all that is necessary and reasonable to organize and carry out the booked events.

Article 8. Force majeure / default of Area 077

Should Area 077 fail to organize the booked event, whether due to force majeure or any other cause, a new date will be set by mutual agreement, to enable participation in a substitute and equivalent event. Area 077 reserves the right not to organize a replacement event and to return the booking fee.

Article 9. Complaints

Complaints about the services provided must be reported in writing to Area 077 within 7 days after the event. If, in the opinion of Area 077, a complaint is founded, Area 077 will do its utmost to solve the complaint to everyone's satisfaction.

Article 10. Account login and discount savings

For members of the NABV, Area 077 offers the possibility to create an account on our website that makes it easier for you to book and save for extra discount on subsequent bookings. If you agree to receive the newsletter, you will receive a starting discount of 1%. If you participate in a paid event you will earn an additional 1% discount each time with a maximum of 15%. Only bookings made after account creation count. The accumulated discount applies to all bookings you make with Area 077. The discount only applies to bookings that you are part of as a participant. The discount is reset to the starting discount each January 1. If you book for multiple people at once or you book a private event, the discount counts over the full amount of the booking.

You can manage and/or delete your account yourself.

Article 11. Friends of Area 077

You can become a friend of Area 077 when you're a member of the NABV. Friends can participate free of charge in Friendly Fire events, which are usually organized weekly. This requires a reservation and full is full.

Friends of Area 077 need to have a login account. In your account you can activate the friend pass yourself.

On first activation or interruption, € 10,- administration costs will be charged.

Upon first activation, you'll receive a patch of Area 077.

Friends receive a 5% discount (related to article 10) which is applicable as long as the friendcard is valid.

Friends must abide by the applicable rules regarding Friendly Fire evenings and follow instructions of the Friendly Fire Marshall. Friends have an open attitude towards those interested in the sport of airsoft.

You can be refused as a friend or be expelled by Area 077.

Article 12. Alcohol and drugs

The handling and use of airsoft replicas does not go together with alcohol and/or drug use. Area 077 does not provide alcoholic beverages for this reason. It is also prohibited to have alcoholic beverages in your possession on the entire location, with the exception of your own car. Participants who are under the influence or who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, will be excluded from participation in the event. In appropriate cases, no offer of a replacement event will be made by Area 077.

Article 13. Offenses and violations

If during your presence on the grounds of Area 077, you commit a crime, we are bound to report this to the police.

Violations of NABV rules will be reported to the NABV.

Article 14. Participation with your own airsoft replicas

If you want to participate in an event with your own airsoft replica's, you must be in possession of a valid NABV membership or another document issued by the NABV which shows that you are legally authorized to possess airsoft replicas.

Article 15. Joule Measurement

The maximum energy for Area 077 is for all replicas 1.2 Joule, exception are replicas that are exclusively used for IAPS. For these, a limit of 2.32 Joule applies.

Before the start of the actual event, a Joule measurement takes place.

You shoot with a 0.30 gram BB, provided by Area077, at least three times through the chronometer at the direction of the marshal. The measurement is done with a chronometer of the organization. No rights can be derived from other values displayed on other chronometers.

If your replica passes the test, it will be marked.

The deliberate influence of the Joule measurement in any way to get your replica through the test is sufficient reason to be removed from the event. This will also be reported to the NABV.

For replicas operating on HPA applies that the regulator must be able to be fused against interim adjustment.

During the event you may be asked to shoot through the chronometer again. This is possible if the suspicion exists that there is shot with too much mouth energy or because of a random check. You must cooperate with this.

Article 16. Replicas and our location

The parking lot and terrace are characterized as publicly accessible and visible from the public road. Therefore, replicas are not allowed here unless they are stored in a bag or case.

In the safe zone you are allowed to unpack your replica and prepare it for the event.

You should do this at the tables provided for this purpose.

The safe zone must also be and remain safe.

Placing warehouses is not allowed.

Replicas should be placed in the safe if possible

Do not aim at other persons

Dry firing is not allowed

Violation of these rules will be sanctioned with 10 push-ups that have to be done immediately and on the spot. Failure to comply with this educational sanction simply means removal from the event.

Article 17. Prohibited weapons  

Firearms, air guns, batons, knives (unless flexible rubber), airsoft grenades, smoke bombs, etc. are not allowed. This list is not exhaustive and the organization can decide ad hoc about the permissibility. Also, only biodegradable BBs of 6mm are allowed.

Article 18. Destruction, loss, damage Area 077.

In case of intentional or culpable damage and/or destruction of the playing field and/or other items, such as made available airsoft replicas and other equipment, the costs will be recovered from the perpetrator and/or responsible party. Culpable also means recklessness, negligence, wantonness. Whether there is culpability is to be judged by Area 077. Camera images can be used in the assessment.

Article 19. Damage to goods and/or injury of the participant

You should be aware that the playing field has a realistic character, the playing field is full of obstacles that are necessary for the game, which in case of inattention of the participant could contribute to injuries. Area 077 shall in no event be held liable for injuries of any kind. Nor can Area 077 in any case be held responsible for damage to clothing or property of the participant.

To prevent eye damage, always use the safety glasses provided or brought by yourself on the playing field. Make sure they meet the requirements set by the NABV.

Article 20. Liability of Area 077

If Area 077 is liable, then that liability is limited as follows: Area 077's liability shall be limited to once the invoice value of the order, at least that part of the order to which the liability relates. Area 077 shall never be liable for consequential damages.

Article 21. Game supervision/Marshals

During the entire event, marshals are present to supervise the game and act as point of contact. In case of problems, disputes or discussions you can call on the marshals. They are responsible for the smooth running of the game and the safety of everyone. Their instructions must be followed at all times.

Article 22. Extreme Ideologies/Advocative Clothing

Badges, flags, logos or clothing referring to a banned and/or extremist group are not allowed. As well as offensive badges, flags, logos or clothing. This includes racist or radical statements. Political or religious expressions are also not allowed. In case of doubt or discussion, Area 077 will decide on the permissibility.

Article 23. Force Majeure

In these terms and conditions, force majeure is understood, in addition to what is understood in the law and jurisprudence, as all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, beyond Area 077's control, but which prevent Area 077 from fulfilling its obligations. During force majeure, the obligations of Area 077 are suspended. If the period of force majeure lasts longer than 1 year, both parties are authorized to dissolve the agreement without any obligation to pay compensation. In this case, Area 077 undertakes to refund the booking fee of the services not yet received, less € 10, - administration costs.

Article 24. Dispute resolution

In case of disputes regarding agreements made with Area 077, only the competent judge in Area 077's place of business shall have jurisdiction, unless by mandatory law the cantonal judge of the residence of the other party is competent, or unless Area 077 chooses to bring the dispute before the judge competent by law.

Article 25. Applicable law

On each agreement between Area 077 and the client, Dutch law applies.

Article 26. Modification of the terms and conditions Area 077

Area077 is at all times authorized to supplement or amend these terms and conditions. Applicable is always the version that applied at the time of the conclusion of the agreement.

Article 27. Liability (Participant, accidents)

You are expected to determine whether you are physically able to participate in an event. Airsoft is an active and dynamic sport that involves increased risk. Participation is therefore entirely at your own risk.

You must indicate prior to the event if there are physical or psychological symptoms that we should be aware of or that could lead to problems during the event. Area 077 reserves the right to refuse or suspend your participation if we have concerns about your condition.

Article 28. Accident/Emergency

Area 077 shall ensure that a first aider is always present at an event. If you witness an accident or if you need medical assistance during the game, you must clearly communicate this to a marshal and/or fellow player. If you are able to do so, please shout loudly DANGER DANGER DANGER, whereupon the Marshall will immediately stop the game with a repeated whistle and take the necessary measures. Always bring your health insurance card to Area 077.

Please realize that participation is at your own risk and Area 077 is not responsible for any consequences or consequential damages.

Article 29. Planning and Location.

The playing field of Area 077 consists of 4 more or less separate indoor sections and an outdoor section. Normally, these areas form 1 large playing field. Area 077 reserves the right to close one or more of these areas, if this improves the quality of the game. Also, the outdoor section may be excluded from the playing field if, in Area 077's opinion, the weather conditions warrant it.

Article 30. Regulations

Area 077 holds fair-play in high esteem. The participation rules must be respected and followed. Not following the rules can have consequences.

AREA 077

airsoft location

Baarlosestraat 325
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