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Laser tag briefly explained....

Laser tag does not hurt and is very fun, partly because the scores are kept in real time.

Laser tag is played with laser taggers that look like real weapons, but in reality only emit an infrared signal. Each player receives a headband that ensures that you can be hit (tagged) from all sides. You start each game with 100HP, but every time you get hit your HP decreases. The amount of HP depends on the weapon you are being shot at. A pistol does less damage than a sniper rifle. Typically you can get hit 3 to 4 times before you lose a life and have to return to your base to respawn.

Laser tag is usually played team versus team, but the possibilities are endless.

Laser tag, the challenging outing for mixed groups, team outings, bachelor parties and company outings.

Laser gaming on a higher level.

  • Realistic Laser Guns

  • Realistic and challenging playing field

  • No extra light and sound effects

  • Lights on

  • Real-time scoring

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