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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions Area 077

Article 1. Applicability of these conditions

These conditions apply to all agreements and offers between Area 077 and a client. It is only possible to deviate from these conditions if the parties involved agree to this in writing.

Article 2. Offers and prices

All mentioned prices include VAT.

Article 3. Execution of the agreement

Area 077 undertakes to make the necessary and reasonably expected efforts to organise the booked events and to allow them to proceed.

Article 4. Force majeure / default Area 077

If Area 077 fails to organise the booked event, either due to force majeure or due to another cause, a new date will be set in mutual consultation, to enable participation in a replacement and equivalent event. If you do not wish to make use of the possibility to participate in a replacement or equivalent event at a later time, a refund of booking fees can be requested in writing. Area 077 will return these funds to the bank account you specified within 14 days of the request.

Article 5. Complaints

Complaints about the services provided must be reported in writing to Area 077 within seven days after the event. If in the opinion of Area 077, a complaint is justified, Area 077 will endeavour to resolve the complaint satisfactorily.

Article 6. Bookings

Booking for participation in an open event can only be done via the website. Group bookings can also be made via the website, but if desired this can also be done via e-mail or telephone. A booking is only final after payment has been made and you have received a booking confirmation.

Article 7. Payment

Payment of packages and participation in events must be made when booking the event. Payments of extra services and goods purchased during the event must be paid immediately upon purchase of these goods or services.

Article 8. Cancellation

Cancelling bookings is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the event. Cancellation must be made in writing or by e-mail. If cancellation is made without giving a reason, the booking fee will not be refunded, but a new date can be set by mutual agreement. Restitution is only possible if, in the opinion of Area 077, the reason for this gives sufficient reason. If cancelled within 48 hours before the start of the event, no refund will be made, if in the opinion of Area 077 earlier cancellation was reasonably impossible. Area 077 may require that sufficient evidence is provided regarding the stated reason for cancellation.

Article 9. Alcohol and drugs

Handling and using airsoft replicas is not associated with alcohol and / or drug use. Area 077 does not provide alcoholic beverages for that reason. It is also prohibited to have alcoholic beverages in your possession at the entire location, with the exception of your own car. Participants who are under the influence of or suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs are excluded from participating in the event. In some cases there will be no refund of money paid.

Article 10. Food

You are allowed to eat food in the safe zone and on the terrace. It is forbidden to bring food on the playing field.

Article 11. Criminal offences

If you commit a criminal offense during your presence on Area 077, we are bound to report this to the police.

Article 12. Participation with own airsoft replicas

If you want to participate in an event with your airsoft replica, you must have a valid NABV membership pass or another document issued by the NABV which shows that you are legally authorised to hold airsoft replicas. A Joule test will be used to assess whether your replica is admitted to the event. The maximum energy for Area 077 is 1.2 Joules for all replicas.

For HPA replicas, it is mandatory to have a tournament lock.

Article 13. Transport of airsoft replicas

Your replica may not be transported visible and ready for use by law. We, therefore, advise you to transport your replica in a sealed case or bag. Keep the BBs and the magazines separate from your replica during transport. Ensure that you have the booking confirmation of the event with you at all times, so that you can prove to the police that you are entitled to transport you a replica.

Article 14. General operations of airsoft replicas

Area 077 has different zones with regard to permitted actions with regard to your airsoft replicas.

Parking space, terrace and entrance; Your airsoft replica is packaged and not visible.

Safe zone; Operations on your airsoft replicas can take place at the appropriate tables. It is not permitted to install a magazine, whether or not it is filled with BBs, and to point and aim your airsoft replica on people and/or animals. Dry firing is also not permitted. Your replica is always on safe.

Garage (test track); This part of the playing field serves as a test track before the game. Here you can test shoot with your airsoft replica at targets in the playing field. It is not allowed to aim at people and/or animals. This is also where the Joule measurement takes place.

Playing field; After the Marshall has started the game with a single whistle, you can shoot at your rival team with your airsoft replica. Headshots should be avoided as much as possible. It is not allowed to aim your airsoft replica at marshalls, shoot at Marshall's and at people who clearly indicate that they have been hit and are on their way to the respawn. Deliberate shots at light fixtures, cameras and other clearly vulnerable parts in the playing field are not permitted. If you are caught, it's game over and the damage caused will be recovered from you.

Article 15. Prohibited weapons

Firearms, air pressure weapons, batons, knives (unless flexible rubber), airsoft grenades, smoke bombs and the like are not permitted. This list is not exhaustive, and the organisation can decide ad hoc about the admissibility.

Article 16. Destruction, loss, damage to goods in Area 077

In the event of intentional or culpable damage and/or destruction to the playing field and/or other matters, such as airsoft replicas and other equipment items made available, the costs will be recovered from the person responsible and/or responsible. Culpable also means recklessness, carelessness, wantonness. Whether or not there is culpability is at the discretion of Area 077. Camera images can be used in the assessment.

Article 17. Damage to items and / or injury to the participant

You must be aware that the playing field has a realistic character, the playing field is full of obstacles that are necessary for the game, which could contribute to the occurrence of injury if the participant is careless. Area 077 cannot be held liable for injury in any way whatsoever. Neither can Area 077 be held liable under any circumstances for damage to clothing or items belonging to the participant.

To prevent eye damage, you must always wear the provided or self brought face protection on the playing field. Protecting your face is our priority.

Article 18. Liability

If Area 077 is liable, then that liability is limited as follows: The liability of Area 077 is limited to once the invoice value of the assignment, at least that part of the assignment to which the liability relates. Area 077 is never liable for consequential damage.

Article 19. Game guidance / Marshalls

Marshalls are present throughout the event to supervise the game and act as a point of contact. You can also call on the marshalls in the event of problems, disputes or discussions. They are responsible for the smooth running of the game and the safety of everyone. Their instructions must be followed at all times.

Article 20. Extreme Ideologies / Offensive clothing

Badges, flags, logos or clothing with reference to a prohibited and/or extremist group are not permitted. As well as offensive badges, flags, logos or clothing. This also includes racist or radical statements. Political or religious expressions are also not permitted.

Article 21. Force majeure

In these general terms and conditions, force majeure is understood to mean, in addition to what is understood in this regard by law and case law, all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, over which Area 077 cannot influence, but as a result of which Area 077 is unable to fulfil its obligations.  The obligations of Area 077 are suspended during force majeure. If the period of force majeure lasts longer than 2 months, both parties are entitled to terminate the agreement without there being any obligation to pay compensation. Where appropriate, Area 077 undertakes to grant a refund of the booking fee for services not yet received.

Article 22. Dispute settlement

With regard to disputes about agreements concluded with Area 077, only the court competent in the location of Area 077 is competent, unless the jurisdiction of the Subdistrict Court of the place of residence of the other party is legally competent, or unless Area 077 prefers the dispute to be brought before the competent court according to the law.

Article 23. Applicable law

Dutch law applies to every agreement between Area 077 and the client.

Article 24. Amendment of the Area 077 conditions

The version that applied at the time of the conclusion of the present assignment always applies

Article 25. Liability (Participant, accidents)

You are expected to determine whether you are physically able to participate in an event. Airsoft is an active and dynamic sport that involves increased risk. Participation is therefore entirely at your own risk.

You must indicate before the event whether there are physical or psychological complaints that we should be aware of or which could lead to problems during the event. Area 077 reserves the right to refuse or suspend your participation if we have concerns about your condition.

Article 26. Accident / first aid

Area 077 ensures that first aid helper is always present at an event. If you witness an accident or you need medical assistance during the game, you must make this clear to a marshall and/or fellow player. If you are able to do so, you shout loudly DANGER DANGER DANGER, after which the Marshall will immediately stop the game with a whistle and take the necessary measures. Always take your health insurance card with you to Area 077.

Realise that participation is at your own risk and Area 077 is not responsible for any consequences or consequential damage.

Article 27. Planning and Location

The playing field of Area 077 consists of 4 more or less separate indoor sections and an outdoor section. Normally these sections form 1 large playing field. Area 077, however, reserves the right to close one or more parts, if this promotes game quality. The outdoor part can also be excluded from the playing field if the weather conditions in the opinion of Area 077 give cause for this.

Article 28. Regulations

Area 077 considers fair play of paramount importance. The regulations must, therefore, be followed. Failure to comply with the regulations can have consequences.

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