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Was ist Airsoft?

Airsoft is a "Real Life Shooter Game"

Airsoft is a relatively new sport in the Netherlands and not that common as football.
It is also difficult to fully explain what airsoft is about. You have to experience Airsoft to understand what airsoft is really about. Airsoft is action. Airsoft is a top sport. You can describe it as a real-life first-person shooter computer game, but that’s not enough. Airsoft is more ....... working together, friendship and trusting your team. Airsoft is a gentleman sport, where fair play is of paramount importance.

Two teams, each with their missions, compete against each other with replicas of firearms that shoot 6mm -biodegradable- balls, so-called pellets or BB`s.

Once the game starts and the first shots are fired in your direction, a kind of survival instinct will prevail, and your adrenaline levels shoot up. At this moment you have forgotten that it is a game. You don't want to be hit, because you can feel it. You look at the rest of your team, and you know it's time to work together and play tactically. May the best team win!


Then book a "Rookie Event" and learn more about the ins and outs of airsoft.

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